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Frequent travel? How do we do it?

“…you two are always travelling, how do you do it? How do you frequent travel..?”

– said a friend of ours.

– And it was from this point on that that we decided to answer that very question.

So we caught a cheap flight (cheap flights, love it!) to Fuerteventura, and started documenting our travels.

So without further ado, here’s the classic line –

You found us!

But let us guess, you’re already thinking –

“…oh no not another travel blog, let me guess, Thailand, elephants, backpacking, people with a tonne of cash blah blah blah..”

Well, yes and no, you’re half right, but let us explain…

 “Who Said We Have To Live This Way…”

– Does this sound familiar? You’ve probably asked yourself this same question. We certainly did.

So 4 years ago, we decided we wanted to live a differently life, do what we want to do and see the world for what it really is.

In short: We love to travel. We love to see new places., We love to travel frequently .

But –

We are realistic and a normal pair, just like you.

It’s took us to this point to organise our lives so that we can travel more.

We Want To Show You

  • How you can travel more frequently.
  • No matter what your circumstances.
  • For less money than you think.

How Do People Travel So Much?

Guessing this question sounds familiar too?

This is a question has been that annoying fly that just won’t go away.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you’ve also asked these 9 questions:

  1. “How do I find money to travel?”
  2. “It’s too expensive for me to travel?”
  3. “Where do I find all the good travel deals?”
  4. “How do I find cheap flights, accommodation?”
  5. “Where should I go?”
  6. “How do I plan my trip?”
  7. “How can I get the most out of my trip with as little money as possible?”
  8. “How can I find the best way to experience the culture without too much hassle?”
  9. “I want to travel but I just don’t know where to begin?”

And so on…

First of all YOU AREN’T ALONE!

We have asked ourselves all of those same questions. (Where do you think we got it from)

We want to help people just like you.

You can travel more for less with our simple tested and proven travel tips.

Why We Are Different

OK, so what makes your travel blog so different from others?” – you ask.

Ah good question.

Well, ever arrived at a coffee shop and it’s so busy but all you want is to enjoy some peace with your coffee.

Yes it’s annoying.

Ever arrived at a beach/ city/ town and there’s no where to park yourself?!

Yes it’s annoying.

You want to see your favourite destination/ beach/ city/ town, but it’s just too busy and crowded to enjoy.

We know the feeling.

Our way of travelling avoids all of these common problems.

You want to enjoy a country’s culture without camera’s and tourists brushing sides with you.

We get you!

See, this beach is empty. A bit windy, maybe that’s why it was so quiet.

I want to know how I can do that“- and  know you will.

Because through our travels, we have made the mistakes, visited the wrong places.

We have had the “I didn’t really like it there, did you?” moments.

It can be disappointing to say the least, considering the amount of hard earned cash we used to spend on travelling (you’ve done the same I’m guessing).

This Is About YOU

Whilst many travel sites say the word “I” a lot….

This website is all about you!

We have created frequentravlr.com in our own spare time.

To show you how easy it is to travel.

The best and only way to see your favourite destinations.

Whilst saving a tonne of money and time.

The principles found on this website can be applied to any destination in the world.

And we are going to share our whole journey with you, right from the very beginning and just how you can do the same.

Who Is Frequentravlr.com For?

Do you ever feel as though you just want to break free and do something spontaneous and out of the ordinary? That’s exactly how we felt. That’s why this website is aimed at;

 – the ones who want to live differently

 – the ones who want to get out of the rat race

 – the ones who are busy

 – the ones who want to see something other than their TV or their bedroom window

 – the ones who want to see the world

 – the “9 – 5”

 – the ones who want to frequent travel

 – the ones who don’t know where to start

But what you want to do and what you can do are two very different things.

…and that’s where we come in (cue the music).

From Window Cleaners to Travel Bloggers

– Well, just me (James), Laura is a carer.


We know what you were thinking;

I bet they were top Lawyers or business men and rapidly changed their lives in search of their souls..”

Hmmm sorry to disappoint.

Yes, you are half right. We have another life, that of a Window Cleaner, and Laura is a Carer.

Exciting, I know – but the reality is, not everyone is in a position to pack up, leave and disappear in to a full nomadic lifestyle.

However, we made a decision to avoid letting our work commitments and day to day life dictate. We began to plan our journey.

And if we can do it –


From Passion To Frequent Travel

As we were planning our life around travel, we noticed a lot of critics and negative comments (about travel..obviously).

We were told we couldn’t travel.

“Get on with life” and “get a normal job” (HA what even is normal these days).

Save money, buy a house etc.

Mwahahaaa, how wrong they were.

We soon learned that we didn’t have to live a life we didn’t want to.


Yes, we do have jobs, rent to pay, a car etc.

So planning and preparation became priority.

So we began to organise our whole life so we could see as much of the world as possible, without disturbing our commitments.

Where It All Started

Where did the idea of frequentravlr.com come from?

Looking back at our earlier days together, there was one obvious factor slapping us in the face;

We had spent a lot of time and money travelling.

But, we hadn’t really tasted the culture.

And spent way too much money.

We wanted to see the places we love for what they really were.

Like when we visited Bologna.

So If You Want

  • FREE tested travel tips and advice
  • FREE help to frequent travel
  • Detailed costs to help you budget travel around Europe
  • To find out where the best places are in Europe
  • To find out how to live like a local abroad
  • To find the secret hidden gems of Europe
  • To find the best companies to use
  • In depth reviews
  • Witty humour

Then start your journey HERE.

Well, (gasp) it’s been nice to meet you.

Sit back and see how we show you how to travel more…for less.

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