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Airbnb Coupon Codes: Get FREE £30 Off Your Booking

Airbnb Coupon Codes

Using Airbnb coupon codes has helped us travel around Europe’s best destinations and has saved us a tonne of money.

Because it’s one of our favourite sites to book holidays, we’ve decided to share with you just how amazing this site is by giving you FREE Airbnb credit with our Airbnb referral code.

The kind folk at this accommodation site have decided to give you an “Airbnb coupon first stay” for £30 or $40, even if it’s not your first time, you can still use this code.

How amazing is that?!

Click here to claim you Airbnb coupon codes.

Or read on to find out exactly how get your Airbnb FREE credit.

**The amount Airbnb offer on the Airbnb voucher code is sometime £25 or $35, but generally it stays at $40. Just follow the easy sign up process to get this amazing offer**

How to get your FREE Airbnb coupon codes

It is so easy to receive Airbnb credit and you’ll save money on your next adventure. BONUS!

1. Click our link

Click here to get your FREE Airbnb code for £30 and you’ll be redirected to this page:

Airbnb coupon codes

This is our Account and the page where you sign up to receive your Airbnb refer a friend voucher code.

2. Sign up

See the big button that says Sign up to claim your credit?

airbnb coupon codes

Click the button and you’ll be redirected to options for signing up.

airbnb coupon codes

Whether you sign up using your email, Facebook or Google, it really doesn’t matter.

Once you’ve signed up, the Airbnb referral code will automatically be applied to your next booking.

But what if you already have an Airbnb user account? Can you still use the Airbnb coupon codes if you have stayed with Airbnb in the past?

3. Airbnb coupon code for existing users

As this is an Airbnb first time discount, you won’t be able to use your existing Facebook log in or email to sign up.

There is however, a clever way to get your Airbnb free £30 coupon code.

If it’s not your first time using Airbnb and you already have an account, simply create a new email address.

To get the Airbnb coupon, sign up for a new Gmail account here. It’s completely FREE.

Once you’ve set up your new Gmail account, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Airbnb coupon codes by clicking here.

4. Complete your new profile

Simply go ahead and complete your new profile to receive the Airbnb coupon first stay.

It really is that simple.

How do I get my Airbnb credit?

This is really easy. Because it’s an Airbnb first time discount, you’ll have to sign up for a brand new account if you’ve already stayed with Airbnb before.

Remember – for the Airbnb credit to be applied, the booking total must be over £55.

Once you’ve clicked our link and used an account that hasn’t booked before, you’ll automatically receive the Airbnb code for £30 and it will be safe in your profile, waiting for you to book a property.

How do I enter my Airbnb coupon codes for the discount?

Once you’ve signed up to Airbnb, or using an account that hasn’t made a booking yet, the £30 Airbnb referral code is automatically applied to your account.

There is no code to enter.

Once you’ve found that dream holiday accommodation, the Airbnb first time discount will automatically applied to the price you’ll be paying and deducted once you’ve reached the booking screen.


So all that you need to do is click this link to receive your Airbnb FREE £30 coupon.

Can I get an Airbnb voucher code?

Yes, it’s easy to do so too.

Once you’ve signed up to Airbnb, you’ll get your very own custom Airbnb refer a friend code.

This can be found in your profile under the Travel Credit” tab.

And once you’ve got this, you can send it to family and friends so that they can enjoy money off their first stay with Airbnb. Better yet, you’ll be getting your own travel credits added to your account. BONUS!

Share your love of travel with the Airbnb Coupon Code

Once you’ve signed up for your Airbnb account, share this code with your friends and family so they can enjoy their Airbnb first time discount.

You can do it yourself.

Navigate to “Travel Credit” and start entering the email addresses of your friends in the “Invite Friends” box and use your unique link to earn £30 or $40 for yourself.

It’s so simple and saves everyone a tonne of money. So get sharing.

Have you used Airbnb before? Need help booking? Comment below and we will help you to save money on your next Airbnb booking.



airbnb coupon codes

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