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Bavarian Alps – Road Trip through Germany

bavarian alps

Bavarian Alps Road Trip

Bavarian Alps? I thought the Swedish Alps were the place to be, right?

Think again…

As much as you might hear how amazing the Swiss Alps are, (which in fact they truly are) the Alps in Germany are a wonder to behold. In terms of gems, the Berchtesgaden Alps are a whopping big expensive rock! (Metaphorically speaking, however a holiday in the Alps can become expensive, so shop around)

Searching deep in to the web, we wanted to find a destination in Germany that you don’t see advertised all that much.

Then, we stumbled across the unpopular town and region of the Berchtesgaden Alps.

Our search was complete.

If you’re anything like us, you’re always trying to find a way of seeing and experiencing cultures for what they really are. So it was decided, it was time we took our first road trip. But forget the comforts of home, we were going to experience German driving for real…the high speeds down the Autobahn in Germany.

So if you’re wondering where to visit in Europe this year, try a holiday in the Alps instead of lying by the pool this summer (which is pretty great in itself).

Read on – a road trip through Germany might be the thing that changes your outlook on travel.

What camera did we use to get these amazing shots?

To make the most of the beautiful landscape, we have used a Nikon D3300 which you can check out and purchase on our site here.

Weekend in Bavarian Alps

What comes to mind when you hear “Bavaria“?

Food? Beer? You’re not wrong!

bavarian alps

The Alps in Germany is the perfect place to find all things food and beer related.

But what’s the best way to experience the Bavarian Alps?

Beer and Saurcrout in Nuremberg

As we planned our adventure through the Alps in Germany, we realised that flying to Nuremberg would create the perfect opportunity for a road trip through Germany.

bavarian alps

Find out how we found flights to Nuremberg for £12.99

First stop in search of Bavarian Alps – Nuremberg

If you’re planning a visit to Europe this year, but haven’t planned an itinerary, you have to visit the historic town of Nuremberg!

bavarian alps

Looking for things to do in Nuremberg? You won’t be lost.

Take a stroll through the old back streets to the medieval Nuremberg Castle.

bavarian alps

We didn’t know what to expect from this medieval city, or what to do in Nuremberg as we were only staying the one night. So it made sense to blindly look for things to do in Nuremberg.

It all started with following our noses…

bavarian alps

We recommend visiting Gaststatte Karl’s Bruckla and ordering local delicacies such as Sauerkraut and Sausages.

But as much as we wanted to stay in Nuremberg, it was time to drive further south beginning our weekend road trip through the south of Germany.

We haven’t finished with you yet Nuremberg, we’ll be back (pun not intended).

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Stop 2 – Ingolstadt

Never heard of it?

Neither had we.

As we drove through the pretty historic town of Ingolstadt, we noticed one thing…

The town is littered with Audi’s.

If you’re a lover of cars, one of the best things to do in Ingolstadt is visit the Audi Forum.

Or if cars aren’t your thing, grab a takeaway coffee and get lost in the old streets of the bold, beautiful, Bavarian inspired town. (Try saying that after a few wines)

bavarian alps

But as much as wanted to stay, it was time to move on!

Stop 3 – Berchtesgaden Alps

You may have heard of this little town and its famous history (more about that later).

If you haven’t, you may have to visit this charming town in the Bavarian Alps Germany.

bavarian alps

And that’s why.

Berchtesgaden has to be one of the best Bavarian Alps towns to visit.

We stayed Airbnb and no matter where we looked, the peaks of the snow capped mountains drew us in.

Before it was time to move on to our 4th stop, we had just enough time to see one last thing.

bavarian alps

If you remember anything from history class, Berchtesgaden Alps are the home of Adolf Hitler’s Eagles Nest.

One reason for visiting this piece of dark history is the view. It is simply stunning.

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Stop 4 – Salzburg, Austria

As Austria was all but a stone’s throw away from Berchtesgaden, it was a no brainer but to discover the secrets of the homeland of The Sound of Music and famous composer, Mozart!

bavarian alps

We seem to bump into the sets of movies wherever we travel, like the time we found the beach featured in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

If you are on a holiday in the Alps, travelling from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden is simple. One road, no border checks.

Back to the Berchtesgaden Alps – we had time for one last visit…Save the best til last…

bavarian alps

Königssee Lake.

You have to visit here, especially during summer months. It’s unrealistically fairy tale like.

We recommend taking a boat tour around the lake or hiring a kayak to enjoy the awesome views.

Looking for a holiday in the Alps?

You’d be crazy not to visit the Bavarian Alps.

Here’s 3 tips to getting more from your Bavarian Alps Germany holiday.

Top tips for a great holiday in the Bavarian Alps

1. Stay in Berchtesgaden

2. Eat Sauerkraut

3. Pay for a cable car

Have you visited Berchtesgaden? What’s your favourite destination in Germany? Where have you been in the Alps? We would love to know. Comment below.



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