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Best Camera for Travel

best camera for travel

Best Camera for Travel

Finding the best camera for travel can be a daunting task. Especially if you don’t know an awful lot about camera’s.

We were just like you. We didn’t know what the best camera for travel was.

We decided on the Nikon D3300. (You can find this below)

But It can be make or break for your photographs.

So we began to run some extensive research to find the best camera for travel.

Why you need to find the best camera for travel

We totally loved Greece. So much so that our instagram feed was completely taken over by photo’s we had taken of Kefalonia.

So much so that one Instagram user commented…

Hi I just wanted to say I love your photos, they are absolutely amazing…do you have an camera suggestions?” – sophiamenzo

Can you imagine if we hadn’t found the best camera for travel?

You’ll know what we’re talking about. It’s that moment when you arrive from your favourite destination, you pull out the camera, begin to show your friends how amazing your trip was, and…

Oh dear. The photos you’ve taken aren’t so great.

Don’t panic!

That’s why we’ve decided to find you the cheapest deals on the best camera for travel.

Best Camera for Travel

It’s important to find the best camera for travel as you may not have that amazing opportunity of seeing that amazing beach, or that beautiful lake. So take your time, do the research, and you’ll be able to find the best camera for travel.

What does this mean? You’ll take amazing photographs of the destinations you’ll never forget.

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Canon EOS 1300D DSLR Camera with EF-S18-55 DC III F3.5-5.6 Lens.

User reviews

Bought (reluctantly) to replace my 20 year old Canon 5000 35mm roll film camera, which has performed faultlessly around the world, but has technology that has become a liability ie the need to buy film and get it processed.I chose the Canon so I could continue to use my rather expensive tele-photo lens and was pleased that the 1300D had an auto position on the dial, as I'm no photographer and just need a camera for holiday snaps.(The 5000 arrived with the dial set to auto, and there it stayed for two decades!)The 1300D is an ideal replacement and I look forward to another twenty years of photographic memories.
I've never owned an SLR camera although it's always been something I have always wanted to have. I now have a 2 year old and thought I had the perfect subject to practice on. I bought based on reviews mainly as it said it was a pretty good starter camera and there are so many to chose I felt daunted with all the choice. I have to say it's exceeded my expectations! I really love it! Had a few friends with a canon camera but older models, you can really tell the difference with this camera. I haven't ventured far from the auto settings on the camera (close up, sports mode, portrait etc) and if I'm honest I'm not quite sure how to do that yet but for now the photos I'm getting are more than what I wanted. They're clear, crisp images. The camera isn't too heavy to hold. The option to immediately download onto my phone is brilliant! Great for instantly sending to family and show off my new hobby. The camera was easy to set up, easy to point and shoot and get a great image. I'd recommend this 100%. I am a complete noice with SLR's and I find it very easy to use. I do have other cameras but never one as in depth as this. I am really looking forward to my holiday to Cornwall this year to practice some more!
Perfect as a first DSLR and an entryway into photography. Also great as a young person's camera with its wifi capabilities.

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Nikon D3300 Digital SLR Camera - Black (24.2 MP, AF-P 18-55 Non-VR Lens Kit) 3-Inch LCD Screen, Nikon

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Truly capture the atmosphere of important moments with the D3300.A better way to shoot unforgettable high-definition photos and movies, this small and lightweight 24.2-megapixel D-SLR is powerful, comfortable to carry around, and simple to operate.The large image sensor captures the finest...

User reviews

The quality of the photographs is truly excellent. The software for uploading and viewing the raw images is brilliant. Controls are all intuitive and the battery life is great. Plenty of options and modes to play with and full manual control if required. Not heavy in use and the strap is comfortable and secure.
I'm a very amateur photographer but have bought this as an entry level DSLR to try and get to a point of taking better family and landscape photos. I love it - it's easy to use as a point and shoot with all auto settings and much better results than I've ever had before, and wet like the effects settings. With a 35mm prime lens (ordered in addition to kit lens) we've already got some lovely black and white family photos. I bought the dummies guide as an addition to the manual and am looking forward to playing around with this like shutter speed and f-stop to see what I am capable of. Very pleased with purchase, made after much research.
This was my first dslr so wasn't sure what to expect. I'm really pleased with it. It's lightweight and easy to learn to use. The quality of photos is excellent. If this is entry level I'd hate to think how good advanced cameras must be. Excellent camera. In this day and age though, it should have wifi, hence only four stars.

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Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera - Black (16.0 MP CMOS sensor, 83x Zoom) 3-Inch LCD Screen, Nikon

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Keen photographers of wildlife and the night sky will be delighted by the Nikon COOLPIX P900, which boasts an incredible 83x optical zoom, capturing details not visible to the naked eye

User reviews

I will keep this short as I canPhoto quality and details are fantasticThe camera is a bit heavier than other camera's but i can use it with one hand so it's not too heavyIt would be better if it could do RAW but it can't and the photo quality makes up for thisIt supports SDHC and SDXC SD cards which means you can use a 64GB SD card and possibly 128GB SD cardThe settings are very simple and easy to useThe manual you get is enough for getting you started but if you go onto Nikon's website you can download a full manual for itHere are some of my photography with it
Having read many other reviews,some critical I think Nikon have excelled with the P 900. Alongside my faithful Sony DSC R1 I can cover any photo opportunity. The fact that the Nikon does not have Raw capability is not a problem for me, the Jpeg results are excellent in my book.Some people comment that at 2000 mm zoom the images are a bit soft,considering a Cannon 500 mm lens costs 9,700 pounds in my local camera shop what I am getting for 500 pounds is the bargain of the year People are amazed at my moon shots,, looking inside a crater from 380,000 km's away ( give or take a km or two ) is nothing short of amazing. I'm off into one of our game parks in a few days and hope to really test the lens. The MC UV filter and Gem camera case are also great buys.
This model has been very hard to obtain ever since Nikon released it, and it's easy to see why. I use it for when I don't want to lug my heavy DSLR kit around, as it has everything in one fairly compact camera. If you have a computer, then switch off the digital zoom, as this is only the same as cropping an image quality wise.

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Nikon D3400 + AF-P 18-55VR Black Digital SLR Camera and Lens Kit - Black, Nikon

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Nikon D3400 + AF-P 18-55VR Black Digital SLR Camera and Lens Kit - Black.

User reviews

I took a very long time to decide if to get this camera because of the comments, but I'm so happy I did, the camera is fantastic and the app downloads my pictures instantly so everytime I go on a trip I can take a picture and post it on instagram in less than a minute.
Firstly the camera in its self is very good. But, and its a very big but, the snap bridge works so infrequently if at all there is no point having it, which unfortunately was one of the main reasons for buying the camera. Secondly there is no WiFi capability on the camera. It only describes it as wireless which is referring to the Bluetooth
A fantastic product for first-time amateur photographers. Simple and easy to use. The contents inside the box include the Nikon D3400 camera unit itself and a completely seperate interchangeable 18mm-55mm lens. Also in the box is a Nikon battery for the unit, a charging dock for the battery and a strap to let you hang the camera around your neck.The wifi and bluetooth are also very simple to use. When transferring image via these mediums, you get to opt for either transferring a lower quality version of your photo (to view on a phone for example) or the original.I highly recommend the D3400 for any newcomer to the world of photography.

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Sony DSCWX500 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera with 180 Degrees Tiltable LCD Screen (18.2 MP, 30 x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi, NFC) - Black, Sony

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Sony DSCWX500 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera with 180 Degrees Tiltable LCD Screen (18.2 MP, 30 x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi, NFC) - Black.

User reviews

Despite the fact I've returned this (read on for why), I actually love this camera.The zoom range is incredible, it's pocketable, the selfie screen is totally usable and useful and it produces sharp results. It's a great carry anywhere /travel camera. I have the big heavy DSLR's, but for just walking around this is great.Unfortunately I have a defective copy. On about 1 in 5 photos there is a horizontal streaking. It actually looks like old fashioned film scratching. It spoils the photos because it's right across the middle of the image.It didn't happen every time, so the shots that don't have the problem are great. Disappointed that I got a bad copy, but I have to say the camera itself produces some fantastic results. I've attached a few so you can see the kind of sharpness you can get.I'll be ordering this again since it's practical, high quality and just great fun to use. Small enough for a pocket, it really is the take anywhere camera.The samples I've shown demonstrate just how good this camera is (at least in good light - haven't used it in low light so don't know).Really a shame about the marks on them. I'm sure that's just from a defective copy of the camera. I don't believe it's a general problem. Zooming in on the two birds I was able to keep a comfortable working distance, so I didn't scare them away. You can see the sharpness is pretty good despite zooming to max. and standing in a pretty windy spot!I've looked at various alternatives to this camera and none seems to have all the features I would like. For that reason alone I'll have to get another one of these. The overall combination of size, features, sharpness, zoom range and flip-out screen make this a great buy at the price.
The photos are in great quality! I was surprised when in the description it said that the box would be the damaged. It wasn't at all from what I could tell. The camera itself was brand new. Easy to use, great functionality. The flip up screen is very useful too! I'd recommend it if you're looking for something in this price range!
Favorite camera. Works everyday, is simple to understand, and makes vlogging and filming my life a lot easier.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70EB-S Compact Digital Camera with LEICA DC Vario Lens - Silver (12 MP, 30x Optical Zoom, Control Ring, 1.2.EVF, Wi-Fi with NFC) 3-Inch LCD, Panasonic

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The new LUMIX TZ70 has every feature is built for the traveller in you.

User reviews

I bought this camera for its excellent macro and long zoom facilities as I take lots of photos of wild plants, insects and birds. In macro mode, it is possible to get close enough to almost touch the subject. But if you can't get close, the x30 optical zoom then comes into its own - and the zoom range can be extended further to at least x60 without too much loss of quality. The excellent image stabilisers mean that long zoom photos can even be taken handheld especially if a fast shutter speed is selected in S mode. I am also very impressed by the camera's automatic exposure handling, although this camera is loaded with features to enable the photographer to override automatic features and take full creative control. If you are not sure what to do, its intelligent auto mode will usually solve the problem for you - I took some lovely photos at dusk of Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire and the camera selected a HDR mode that combined several exposures so as to bring out the sky detail whilst correctly exposing the subject. I have also experimented with its simple panorama mode to capture the views from the Cotswolds. The upshot of this has been that my trusty Canon SLR has been left on the shelf since I bought it.My only quibble is not with the camera but with Panasonic's cashback deals. I got £30 off and a free 5 year warranty but I had to apply for these after I had bought it. You have to wait at least 28 days after purchase before applying and then if the cheque is not sent within a further 30 days you have just 5 further days to take it up with them. These stipulations sound as though they are designed to make it hard to get your money back and I found them stressful, having to program reminders into my diary in case I forgot.Read more ›
I HAVE TO DOWNGRADE IT TO 1 STAR after 18 months use.Everything I said in my earlier review stands, BUT there is a fundamental fault with these cameras that a quick Google search will highlight. The long zoom extension seems to allow (even cause?) the unit to suck in dust. This dust coats the inside of the front element of the lens and renders any shot where the light is even slightly in front of the lens useless. I have spoken personally to a number of owners who report exactly the same problem. As a former photographic technician I have years of experience of many cameras and have owned several "pocket" cameras over the years. My two previous Canon's have some dust (it's almost impossible to avoid) but nothing anywhere near as bad as these TZ models. The problem is discussed at length in DPReview's excellent web site forums. It would seem also from the many YouTube videos on cleaning TZ models goes back to much earlier versions. It would therefore seem that there is a fundamental problem with Panasonic's lens design? It's a shame because technically this is a great little camera but to have it rendered useless within 18 months makes it a VERY expensive buy. The "reported" cost of cleaning makes buying a new camera the only option as cleaning the lens will not prevent further dust getting in.Many good technical reviews online for the technical pro's and con's.Personal pluses for me are size and compactness together with extreme zoom.Con's are that however good they get a 2/3rd chip camera is never going to deliver the image quality of a DSLR. Having said that I've got pictures with this that I'd not have if I'd had to be carrying a DSLR.Read more ›
I am not a photographer but wanted a small camera that gave better results than my mobile phone camera. I specifically wanted a camera that had a viewfinder as well as a screen as they are very difficult to see in bright sunlight. After much research and reading reviews I finally settled on the Lumix TZ70. For my needs I can not praise it highly enough. It was easy to set up and has numerous settings which I have yet to explore. So far I have only used the Intelligent Auto setting and the resulting photos have drawn praise from experienced photographic friends. They commented on the sharpness of the image and the quality of the lens. The zoom lens is really good and lets you get much closer to the subject, although you do need a steady hand or tripod to make the most of it.

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Sony DSCHX90 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera with 180 Degrees Tiltable LCD Screen and View Finder (18.2 MP, 30 x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi, NFC) - Black, Sony

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Sony DSCHX90 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera with 180 Degrees Tiltable LCD Screen and View Finder (18.2 MP, 30 x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi, NFC) - Black.

User reviews

My go to camera is an RX100M4, a beautiful device in every aspect. It does not however go with me absolutely everywhere, that role is assigned to my current mobile, an iPhone 6s+ which I'm equally thrilled with. Each of course has their own unique merits, but there's been the odd occasion where extra reach would have been very useful.I bought the DSCHX90 to fulfil that role and to be honest was not expecting much. Having owned a Canon SX50HS/SX60HS and Sony's own DSCH400 'superzoom', I'd been left disappointed with a number of things - bulk, price, build and of course image quality. The DSCHX90 intrigued me though, its front dimensions are not that bigger than a credit card and research seem to suggest that the little guy punched well above it weight.Boy are those reviews right, this is a mini marvel from Sony. Oddly over-shadowed by the multi-headline grabbing features of Sony's bigger lines, I've generally found the images and features of this camera to be outstanding. It does everything my smartphone camera can't and is a perfect solution for situations where I don't necessarily want to be waving my iPhone around.It won't ever replace the quality of my RX100M4 of course, but I would have no hesitation in grabbing it for situations where a single / small camera is the best choice. Highly recommended as a versatile / companion device.
Bought this camera for a city break as I have a SLR but didn't want to carry it around all day.This camera is brilliant, it's small enough to fit in your pocket and is very easy to take good photos quickly. The zoom function is brilliant and I love the pop up view finder. I used the Sony app 'play memories' to transfer photos to my phone which is so easy, with the built in wifi. I really can't praise this camera enough
This is an AWESOME little camera!, I got shots of the moon with this that I have been unable to get from my a6000, not that I bought it for that purpose (just worked out that way) but needless to say I am very impressed with this camera, other shots taken from it are vibrant and detail rich.I'd highly recommend giving this a try, best compact I've ever had, now stays in my bag at all times.

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Sony DSCH300 Digital Compact Bridge Camera - Black, Sony

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Easy to use Digital Compact Camera with powerful zoom and true image detail. Striking images made simple with a 35x optical zoom, 20.1MP Sensor, HD Video and Creative effects

User reviews

I've not had this camera long but I can honestly say it's brilliant. £99 is a bargain for what this camera has to offer; 20mp photos and 720p video, not much to criticise. Beginners will love it as the buttons are simple and friendly.PROS:First class photosFirst class videosBargainLasts a long time (I use Energizer Rechargeable AAs)Case (which you can buy with camera) is handyCONS:Batteries supplied don't last long (the Sony ones)After you've taken the photo and it shows it back to you for a small period of time, it takes twice as long if you use Continuous Shooting.CONS by other reviewers that don't actually matter:No viewfinder (There's a massive LCD screen to look at, why need a viewfinder?)Sony Lens, not Carl Zeiss (The Sony Lens produce perfectly fine photos)Eats batteries/Battery life isn't long (Use the Energizer Rechargeable AAs, they last a lot of time.)Basically, to enjoy this camera, use these tips:Order it with the LCS-U11 carrying case, it helps a lot.Set the shooting setting to Single ShootingAttach the strap and the lens cap onto the cameraShoot at 16:9 2M, it's perfectly fine and with a 16GB memory card you can take 14,167 photos, but with the highest setting (4:3 20M) you can only take 1,966.Shoot using Program Auto, it's simply the most customizable.I've attached some photos.
Incredibly in this day and age it has 4 batteries to power it. No recharge facility. No mention of this on the advertising. Batteries run out very quickly making it an expensive piece of kit going forward.
Much better camera than i expected, really chuffed ,made me take up photography again take care Jim

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Sony DSCH400 Digital Compact Bridge Camera - Black, Sony

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SLR-style design with stunning 63x optical zoom. The sophisticated H400 boasts SLR looks, a high-resolution 20.1 megapixel sensor and a powerful 63x optical zoom lens to help you capture fine details at a distance. And Optical SteadyShot corrects camera shake, even when walking or...

User reviews

I purchased this for £132 pounds from Amazon in 2015 and It's been very good value, the zoom is decent and the detail is good at close and medium range. Videos work well and the in built microphone is solid. There are many interesting modes to draw out specific colours, change the zoom focus point, shutter speed etc. The camera's downfall are trying to take photos in the night, it really struggles with dark scenery, especially things in the distance. The other weakness is the ability to capture motion which works better when settings are adjusted in the program modes.
I wanted to get a better camera than my little point and shoot digital. After much deliberation I chose the Sony DSCH400 bridge camera. It is very easy to use and the quality of the pictures is great.
not had it long but the zoom of this camera on a tripod is amazing i got some detailed shots of the moon i use as wallpaper on my pc desktop (without a telescope) and for £152 you couldn't buy a lens for a slr that could get anywhere near, for that price.i like value for money and photography is one of my hobbies ,its nice to combine the two, i would recommend this camera.

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Nikon Coolpix L340 Camera - Black (20 MP, 28x Optical Zoom) 3-Inch LCD, Nikon

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28x optical zoom lens, extendable to 56x dynamic fine zoom. Product specification: 20.2 megapixels. 28x optical zoom. 4x digital zoom. 3in screen with TFT LCD technology. 112mm wide angle lens. Optical image stabilisation. Up to 4 frames per second. Shutter speed of 1/1500 to 4 sec. CCD sensor.

User reviews

good camera easy to use one handed if necessary nice size and not to heavy
I bought this for myself and my partner we both have an interest in taking photos we're not experienced but like to have fun taking pictures of wildlife or landscapes. My phone can take quite nice photos but there are times I need a much longer reach and we didn't want to spend a lot on a camera so picked this up.In most ways it's a very simple camera to use relatively few modes and quick access to the most of the settings it won't confuse users straight forward operation. In the box you get:4 x AA alkaline batteriesLens cap and a cord to attach itUSB cable and strapIt's nice to have the batteries included but you will get much more shots from good quality rechargeable cells we have a lot around so use them and keep the included ones as a spare set.Main appeal of this was the big 28x zoom lens this gives a field of view over 600mm equivalent for a larger camera, I was concerned about shaky images but this model does have lens based vibration reduction which helps quite a lot keeping shots steady and the wider end is really wide more than most compacts I've used (I think it's about 22mm). Close up shots are also possible as it can get as close as 1cm mid way though the range. Images are quite good for the price I'm quite pleased with the results both photos and video you couldn't get this range out of a phone or tablet camera. There are times I miss not having a viewfinder as this would help to hold it steadier the focus can be a little slow in dim lighting it's quite good in daylight, still it's a really nice camera that doesn't cost a lot but the large zoom range makes it a very flexible choice. Just remember to get a good set of batteries we get over 500 shots per charge it's about half that with cheap disposable cells.
Amazing Camera, still learning how to use it but so far the quality is mind blowing. I uploaded a few shots I took with it

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Thought of another best camera for travel? We’d love to know. Comment below.


best camera for travel

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  • Emily Robertson
    May 15, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Been thinking about what DSLR to get recently, actually! Thanks for the tips!

    • James
      May 15, 2017 at 6:55 pm

      Great. You really should. The step up to a DSLR makes all the difference. We would have to recommend the Nikon D3300 (it’s the camera we use). Thanks for reading.

  • Jill
    May 15, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    What do you think about Sony A5000?

    • James
      May 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm

      The Sony A5000 is a great camera and comes with 20 Megapixels, so it’s a great choice. In terms of image quality, you can pretty much get the same from the Sony DSCWX500 and it’s cheaper. Thanks for commenting. Let us know what you go for.

  • Renita Betts
    May 15, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    With cellphones I rarely think of a travel camera. But in actuality cellphones do contain that crispness that come from cameras. You have me thinking about purchasing a Thanks for Sharing your post!

    • James
      May 15, 2017 at 7:03 pm

      Yes, we were the same. We use to comment how great my iPhone camera was. That was until we saw a friends photos with a DSLR. We went for the Nikon D3300 and boy does it make a difference. You also have to think of image sizes and shooting format for photo editing. Go for it, get a DSLR!

  • Sarah | Digital Motherhood
    May 15, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    Good choice, I have the same camera! I still need to learn how to use all of the settings but so pleased I bought it!

    • James
      May 15, 2017 at 7:14 pm

      Great, you made a fantastic choice. The best way to learn is through use. And YouTube.

    May 15, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    This is super helpful! I’ve been thinking about upgrading my camera for blogging and travel purposes so this is putting me in the right direction.

    • James
      May 15, 2017 at 7:16 pm

      We were in the same boat as you. It will make a huge change to your blog. We recommend the Nikon D3300. We use it and it’s great and a popular choice.

  • Tammy
    May 15, 2017 at 7:31 pm

    I’ve had a Canon T6s for sometime and love taking it on trips. But its heavy. I’ve been looking at the Coolpix and thank that will be my choice. Thanks for sharing.

    • James
      May 15, 2017 at 8:08 pm

      Brilliant. Yes, some cameras just weren’t made for travelling. So it’s always good to factor in the weight and size measurements.

  • Travel Foodie Mom
    May 15, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    Thank you! I have a larger one but was looking for something more compact!

    • James
      May 15, 2017 at 8:49 pm

      It’s amazing how many cameras just aren’t suitable for travel. Which is funny, since that’s the whole point of camera. But there is such a large selection of cameras (10 to be precise) that are perfect for travelling. We recommend the Nikon D3300 as it’s the one we use and it’s fantastic.

  • Umberta
    May 15, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    I have a Canon 600D, I really like it and the pictures it takes, but it’s big & sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable when traveling…

    • James
      May 15, 2017 at 8:51 pm

      I get what you mean. The Canon 600D is a great camera. But some cameras just aren’t suitable for travelling. We use the Nikon D3300 and it’s perfect!

  • Tara Siudy (Little Miss Dexterous)
    May 15, 2017 at 10:54 pm

    I have the Nikon D3300 and LOVE it! 🙂

    • James
      May 16, 2017 at 5:36 pm

      Yes, we have the D3300, it’s such a great camera and compact too.