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We’ve never needed a review. But it wasn’t until we encountered a few issues with Skyscanner that encouraged us to look else where in the hunt for cheapflights.

Don’t get us wrong, Skyscanner is a brilliant flight comparison site. This isn’t a war on who is the greatest, neither is it an opportunity to say how awful other airfare compare sites are.

Founded over 20 years ago, this airfare comparison giant is one of the brave pioneers in the flight deals market.

But is legit? Trustworthy?

But we will give you the low down, the full truth in this review.

Is the best airfare compare site?

Whilst we like to use quite frequently, we have to say we do use other airfare compare sites such as Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo and Opodo.

Momondo INT

However, what it appears to lack, other sites make up for.

Each has its own strengths and known weaknesses, including Cheapflights.

Huge range of travel dealsNot always the cheapest airfare compare site
Easy to navigate and user friendlySome deals aren't up to date
Clear search resultsDoesn't search as many partners as other flight comparison sites

In addition to airfare compare, does a pretty good job at comparing prices for hotels and car rental.

Using the hotels comparison, you will find some cheap deals on your flights and accommodation.

Features review

So what are you going to find useful when using this website? How can Cheapflights benefit my life? is a flight comparison site. It is not a flight booking site.

What are the benefits of using

As we constructing this review – we noticed that the search results are spot on.

If you want to find cheap flights without website clutter, use this airfare compare site. specs

What we like about this airfare comparison site is how easy the site is to navigate around.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding cheap flights using this airfare compare site.

So we have to mention that point in this review.

Who is for?

Do you prefer speed and accuracy? Do you want to find a cheap flight without having to navigate through page after page of search results?

Then this review is aimed at you.

Unlike Skyscanner, which we found produced too many search results, even after filtering our results, Cheapflights does a grand job at being direct and saying –

Here’s your flight. Here’s the price.

Simple. review on pricing

OOO that big word – Pricing! does what it says on the tin. It searches through hundreds of travel companies to generate prices of flights for you to book.

We recently searched for flights from Manchester to Phuket and when compared with Skyscanner, Expedia and Opodo, Cheapflights produced the lowest price.

However, it came in slightly more expensive for short haul flights when stacked up against its competitors.

Pros of using Cheapflights

Surprisingly, is one of the happier airfare compare sites.

Receiving fewer complaints from unhappy customers when compared to its competitors, it stands in a great position in the flight comparison league.

However, its worth noting that as an aggregator, any problems that do arise are the responsibility of the actual travel company you choose to book with.

Huge range of travel deals review

You will not be stuck for chances to grab a bargain deal using Cheapflights. This is the reason it goes first in our review.

It’s clear this travel deals company has done its homework bringing you the cheapest deals around. Partnering up with hundreds of travel companies, are able to produce endless daily deals.

Ranging from the larger airlines and and travel companies, to the little man and small flight companies, no matter what your travel style, you’ll be able to find a cheap flight. And for this they’ve earned their “flight comparison site” status.

Easy to navigate

Don’t you just hate it when you’re browsing through a website, only to become totally lost in all of the information.

What we really love about Cheapflights is that it performs exceedingly (fancy word) well when navigating around its website to find the main features. This became apparent from the moment we started using this airfare compare site. Due to its completely contrasting black and yellow colour scheme, the information you need is easy to find.

Keeping things simple, the site is minimal, clearly displaying where to find current deals (as they’re in large bold writing). If you take anything from this review it’s this – easy to use.

Clear Search Results

Flight search results are often accurate and to the point when using Cheapflights.

What you will love is that when compared with other flight comparison sites, Cheapflights finds the flights you want and seem to unknowingly avoid collecting too much data that confuses consumers.

Top tip – we recommend comparing prices between two or three other flight comparison sites.

Prices can be cheaper than Skyscanner, Opodo and Momondo, but variables such as routes and time of year can affect the price.

Cons of using Cheapflights

Whilst Cheaplights has its ups, it also (like any company, or anything in life) has its fare share of problems, or points to improve on.

The cons we will highlight in this review are to be a guide when searching for cheap flights.

Not always the cheapest airfare compare site

When searching for short haul flights, in and around Europe, Cheapflights didn’t find the cheapest price for flights.

In 2017, travel companies are still competing more than ever to offer the cheapest price to its customers.

When searching to find cheap flights anywhere, we noticed there are a number of aggregators “flying” around the market (pun not intended) that beat Cheapflights prices. (Companies such as Skyscanner, and Kayak.)

Some deals aren’t real

You might be asking “how can a company produce a deal that isn’t real?” – let us explain.

After searching through the internet, one of the biggest complaints Cheapflights still encounter is inaccurate pricing.

We recently found a super cheap deal from Manchester to Greece using Cheapflights, only to discover that it wasn’t actually the right price once we had reached the vendor’s website.

It can be frustrating to say the least. However, we have encountered the same problem with various other flight comparison sites.

An easy solution to this problem is to always compare with two or three other flight comparison sites.

Alternatives to

We aren’t saying to stick by your guns and always use for the rest of your travelling days. No. But we also aren’t saying to throw Cheapflights out for the birds to feed off.

You can feel confident searching to find cheap flights anywhere using this friendly flight comparison site.

But if you’re feeling savvy and in the mood for searching out that elusive flight deal, you can find cheap flights using other sites such as Skyscanner, Opodo, Kayak and Momondo.

And the great thing is, we would say the exact same about those websites too. We always  recommend comparing prices against atleast two or three competitors.

However, if you love easy navigation and no-nonsense flight searching, give any good review will advise you to give it a go.

Is Cheapflights legit?


It’s an airfare comparison site (or flight comparison site if you’re British).

You can rest assured from this review that if you’re using Cheapflights, you won’t end up in a complete scam show.

Is Cheapflights reliable?

Having searched for a number of flights over the years using, we have noticed that some of the daily deals aren’t the what they say they are.

But in all fairness, this isn’t a huge issue as we tend to use the search feature.

Final thoughts on Review

Us? We really do like using Cheapflights to find cheap flights anywhere. stands in a great position receiving very few customer complaints. So It’s no wonder why it continues to remain of the more popular airfare comparison sites to date.

Although it has its own issues such as inaccurate daily deal pricing, we wouldn’t disregard Cheapflights because of this as it’s always wise to check the price of deals with the booking company.

We can sum this review up by encouraging readers to always check prices with other flight comparison sites before booking. You can always find cheap flights using sites such as Kayak, Skyscanner, Opodo and Momondo.

What are your thoughts on this flight comparison site? Comment below.

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  • Make Travel Reality
    May 1, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    This are really good tips. I like your article, thank you for sharing

    • James
      May 2, 2017 at 1:53 pm

      Thanks a lot. It’s always wise to compare between 2 or 3 other sites. Watch this space for more Flight website reviews.