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Emirates Airlines Review

Emirates Airlines Review

Emirates Airlines Review

If you’re searching for an Emirates airlines review, you’re probably thinking of travelling long haul (although offering flights for shorter destinations during 2018), right? Emirates airlines are possibly one of the best airlines in the world. With a more generous 30 kilogram luggage allowance and whopping seven kilograms for carry-on, it’s not just the Chicken Baharat and Raised Lamb Shank that persuades more than 7 million travellers a year to fly Emirates.

In this Emirates airlines review we will answer your most important questions such as;

  1. Do all Emirates flights have wifi?
  2. Does Emirates have chargers?
  3. What is Emirates economy class legroom?
  4. Do Emirates serve alcohol?
  5. Review of Emirates airlines economy class.
  6. Review of Emirates airlines business class.

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Emirates Airlines Review – First thoughts

To begin our Emirates airlines review, it’s worth remembering that Emirates were awarded the best airline in the world 2013 (Skytrax). A pretty awesome accomplishment, we know.

Since the arrival of the A380, it’s gained an unhelpful reputation as offering the least personal service than services found on Boeing 777 flights. We would have to agree with this, but we do have to factor in the amount of A380 flights Emirates covers. However, we still believe the service on Boeing 777 flights is a lot more personal.

Emirates Economy Class Legroom

If you’re a frequent flyer around Europe and have been used to the tight squeeze found on Ryanair flights, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with Emirates economy class legroom.

Emirates economy class legroom is between 33-44 inches with a seat pitch of 32 inches and seat width of 18 inches. If your budget allows, all 76 seats in Emirates business class convert into a flatbed up to 79 inches…all with the touch of a button.

Out of all of the airlines we have travelled with over the years, we would have to agree that cabins are more ergonomically designed and comfortable compared with competitors.

Does Emirates have chargers?

Each seat on board Emirates have chargers. Not every seat within the 3-4-3 configuration offer a power socket for travellers. If this is essential, you might want to ask at check-in. Seats with power sockets are dual voltage.

The sockets are universal. For my Mac adaptor, this was perfect as it is dual voltage and will work on both 220 and 110 volt plugs.

Seats on Emirates that have chargers are more than adequate. With a USB charging point in front and a universal socket for plugs, you won’t miss a piece of the action on your favourite movie or lose that important spreadsheet you were supposed to complete.

Do all Emirates flights have wifi?

Passengers flying with Emirates can enjoy up to 20 megabytes of free wi-fi within the first two hours of logging in but can increase this usage by opting for a data plan. Non-Emirates Skywards members can increase their data allowance up to 150 megabytes for $9.99 or unto 500 megabytes of data for $15.99. This is carried across all of your devices.

TOP TIP – Check which flyer tier you are and the cabin you are seated in as Emirates Skywards members can enjoy the luxury of free wi-fi of discounted data plans on board.

Data Prices for Non Emirates Skywards Members

In our opinion, when comparing with wifi services onboard competitors flights, Emirates offer the most complete service for non Skywards members.

Data prices for non Emirates Skywards members are;

  • Up to 150MB of data for USD 9.99.
  • Up to 500MB of data for USD 15.99

These prices are for passengers sitting first class, business class and economy class.

Data Prices for Emirates Skywards Members

If you want to enjoy complimentary or discounted wifi on your flight, make sure you add your Skywards membership number in Manage Your Booking.

Top Tip – Don’t forget to log in as a member rather than a guest to enjoy both 20MB free and your discounted plan.

Cabin ClassEmirates Skywards TierData Plan Options
First Class, Business ClassBlue, Silver, Gold, PlatinumUnlimited free Wi-Fi throughout the flight
Economy ClassGold, PlatinumUnlimited free Wi-Fi throughout the flight
Economy ClassSilverUp to 150MB of data, for USD 4.99
Up to 500MB of data, for USD 7.99
Economy ClassBlueUp to 150MB of data, for USD 6.99
Up to 500MB of data, for USD 10.99

What is Emirates Wifi Speed?

Emirates wifi speeds are upto 50mbps. This of course varies from aircraft to aircraft. This has been improved in recent months so it is always worth asking a crew member once on board. This gives our Emirates airlines review score a 10.

Do Emirates Serve Alcohol?

Emirates offer flyers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages including the more well known Moet and Chandon. If you have the privilege of flying business class, a well stocked mini bar can be found next to your seat. (find more info)

Do Emirates serve alcohol to Economy Class passengers?

Yes. However, I’d agree with most Emirates customers in saying it would add that little bit more to your experience if the on board bar was available to economy passengers. To our disappointment, we noticed some of our favourite French wines being served…maybe next time.

Emirates alcohol Menu

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a connoisseur, consider checking out the Emirates alcohol menu.

As you’d imagine with a long haul carrier, there tend to be a greater selection of drinks available. This definitely rings true of Emirates. Our review of Emirates Airlines has to include the most important thing about switching off and travelling…the booze!

Emirates Alcohol Menu:

Emirates pride themselves on providing some of the best flavours from the wine regions of France. You’ll find more information on Emirates alcohol menu by navigating to the Emirates wine menu.

Emirates Economy Class A380

Economy Class on board the Emirates A380 is something every traveller should experience. The only caveat is that windows aren’t as big as the Dreamliner and if you’re looking for a bar, you’ll have to upgrade to first class or business class.

Increased humidity levels increase the overall experience and definitely made us feel more comfortable during the flight.

Emirates A380 flight prices are cheaper than their competitors. So if you choose to fly A380, go Emirates.

Emirates First Class Review

Emirates first class review by Casey Neistat.

Emirates Airlines Review Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Emirates is the best airline in the world. With Emirates wifi speed being so fast, offering 2000 channels and enough on board entertainment to make Disney jealous, we recommend tasting what life is like on board.

Our review of Emirates airlines economy class has to be scored 10/10. Service is often more personal on the Boeing 777 when compared to the A380. Seating is comfortable and offers passengers enough room to relax and stretch.

Our Emirates airlines review score is 9 out of 10. Simply because you are receiving a high class service for the money you’ve invested.

What are your thoughts on our Emirates airlines review? We would love to know. Comment below.

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Emirates Airlines review

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