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The Complete Italy Travel Guide

Your Italy travel guide! – Ah..What comes to mind when you start thinking about Italy travel? Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper painting in Milan? Walking the narrow streets of Venice and pinching the tip of the Leaning Tower of Pisa on one of those candid photo’s (yeah, you know the one). How about Bologna? Or what about Piazza Maggiore? Never heard of these places? “It’s not easy to find something that you do not know exists” Ah, you’re in for a treat. In this Italy travel guide you can expect to find the hidden gems of Italy.

Do you want to find the best places to visit in Italy? With a bit of planning and a little pointer in the right direction, we are here to show you the best places to visit when you travel to Italy. Take a tour around our Italy travel guide and find more hidden gems of Italy.

Things To Do In Italy

Visit A Castle – The northern region of Italy is full of ancient castles. Particularly in the Tuscan and Emilia-Romagna region. Due to its checkered past and changing borders, this region is scattered with beautiful castles. If you’re backpacking through Italy, and you’re a lover of history, this one is a must. Try Castello di Montechiarugolo. But in classical Italian style, these castles aren’t ruins, they’re preserved as perfectly as you’d want them.

Visit The Markets – “Calling all foodies” – The best food in Italy is found in markets such as Mercato Delle Erbe and our favourite – Mercato Di Mezzo. These can be found in Bologna, another gastronomic journey when you travel Italy. If you’re backpacking Italy, or just on a long weekend, our Italy travel blogs will point you in the right direction and help you get the most out of the best food in Italy. This Italy travel guide is the place to start.

Visit Piazza Maggiore – Whilst many Italy travel blogs will tell you to visit the typical places, we’re only interested in the best places to visit in Italy. If you’re planning to travel to Italy, visit the main square in Bologna, Piazza Maggiore. You can enjoy an espresso doppio with a croissant whilst admiring the views of the surrounding buildings. Or get lost in the winding streets that follow from this area.

Is Italy Expensive To Visit?

If you’re backpacking through Italy, you’ll need to know how much money you’ll need. How long is a piece of string? If you plan on doing everything when you travel to Italy, you’re going to pay. You can indulge in Italy but pay less. In this Italy travel blog, we will show that you don’t need a lot of money. We always strive to travel on as little as possible. In our Italy travel guide, you’ll get our honest opinion and a breakdown of what we spend. Here’s how much or even little it’s going to cost you.

Hotels In Italy – You will pay around €20 to €30 a night for a cheap hotel in Italy. Most hotels offer breakfast and free wi-fi in the price. Check out for cheap hotels in Italy.

Airbnb – We stayed with Airbnb during our Bologna long weekend. Prices vary from €20 to €45 average a night. We find this the best way to stay in Italy. You get great help from your host where to visit in Italy.

Hostels In Italy– is perfect if you are backpacking through Italy. Prices are cheap, starting at €15 for a nights stay. It’s a great way to meet new people and tag a long.

Food Prices in Italy – Italy travel is all about the food. Prices can be expensive. Eat on the go and buy a slice of pizza or a panini for around €3.

Daily Budget Italy – If you’re backpacking Italy, or on a budget weekend, after paying for accommodation, you can budget on €20 -€30 a day in Italy and still have a great time.

Money Saving Tips

Walk – Italy is a great place to enjoy walking. Get lost in winding street admiring the architecture. Take in all of the smells of the food and coffee.  Ah, take us back, please.

Go On A Free Walking Tour – Keep a sharp look out for organised free walking tours in Italy. You’ll find students are great at these. Check out

Ask For Water – Get a meal, but don’t get an alcoholic drink. Getting a glass of vino can add a lot to your bill. Ideas on where to eat can be found on our Italy travel blog in Bologna.

Couchsurf – If you’re backpacking Italy and looking where stay in Italy, try couchsurfing. You’ll save a tonne of money and you’re going to meet some great local people and share interesting stories.

Don’t Eat Bread – At meals that is. We ate a tonne of bread waiting for our meal in Bologna. You often have to pay and we were charged a fair bit. Travel Italy the cheap way, say no to bread.

Destinations In Italy

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