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The Complete Spain Travel Guide

Your Spain travel guide! -Planning to visit Spain?..What comes to mind when you think about Spain travel? How about visiting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona? Eating tapas and drinking sangria in the streets of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor whilst being entertained by two spanish flamenco dancers? Or what about Iznájar, Córdoba? Getting stuck in to a good book on Playa Los Lagos…Never heard of these places? “Fail to prepare – prepare to fail” In this Spain travel guide you can expect to find the best hidden gems Spain has to offer including the cheapest way to travel Spain.

Travelling to Spain but not sure where to start? With a little pointer in the right direction, we will show you the best places to visit when you travel to Spain. Take a tour around our Spain travel guide to get the most out your trip when you travel Spain.

Things To Do In Spain

Visit Canary Islands – You want to get the most out of your trip you when you visit Spain. If you’re backpacking in spain, we suggest backpacking around Spain. If you travel to Spain, you’ll notice there are a lot of Islands. The Canary Islands is the most southerly region of Spain. In this Spain travel blog, you’ll find articles on the largest archipelago of the Macaronesia region. So if you’re travelling to Spain, give the islands of La Palma, Fuerteventura and El Hierro a visit for something different.

Go Surfing – First off, if you’re a surfer – consider travelling to Spain. Visit the island of Fuerteventura! The island’s laid back vibe and bohemian atmosphere is perfect if you decide backpacking Spain is on your to do list. Companies such as Billabong have opened a surf school in the north of Fuerteventura (we’re guessing Billabong are a pretty big deal in the surf community). So if you’re stuck for Spain travel and want to try something different, go surfing!

Visit Balearics – So you want to travel to Spain? Don’t. Visit the islands around Spain instead. This is perfect for backpacking around Spain. The Balearic Islands are host to some of the best beaches and traditional villages in the whole of Europe. Visit Deià on the island of Mallorca. Enjoy the views across the green Serra de Tramuntana region. Or visit the uninhabited island of Cabrera for total relaxation. This Spain travel guide will help you find somewhere you weren’t looking for.

Is Spain Expensive To Visit?

If you’re backpacking through Spain, you’ll need to know how much money you’ll need. How long is a piece of string? If you plan on doing everything when you travel to Spain, you’ll need more money. You can enjoy what Spain has to offer but pay less. In this Spain travel blog, we’ll show that you don’t need as much spends as you might think. We always try to travel on as little as possible. In our Spain travel guide, you’ll get our honest expenditure and an idea of costs when you travel to Spain. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to travel Spain, be clever.

Hotels In Spain – We normally pay €20 to €30 a night for a cheap hotel in Spain. Find hotels that offer breakfast and free wi-fi in the price. Check out for cheap hotels in Spain.

Airbnb – Airbnb is very popular for Spain travel. Prices vary from €20 to €60 average a night. We find this the best way to stay in Spain. You can find a place in the centre of the action too.

Hostels In Spain–, is perfect if you are backpacking through Spain. Prices can be cheap, starting at €12 to €15 a night. It’s the cheapest way to travel Spain.

Food Prices in Spain – Spain travel is all about the Tapas. Prices are generally cheap. You can buy tapas for around €3 a plate and portion sizes are usually substantial.

Daily Budget Spain – If you’re backpacking Spain, or on a budget weekend, after paying for your accommodation, our Spain travel guide recommends a daily budget of €20 -€30 a day.

Money Saving Tips

Walk – Spain is a great place to enjoy walking. The old Spanish architects truly were artist in themselves. Don’t plan, get lost in the typically Spanish streets and see that it’s really like to visit Spain.

Go To The Beach– You’ll find we love beaches in this Spain travel guide. Why? Because they’re beautiful and they’re free! Take a bottle of water and some bread, hey presto – a cheap way to visit Spain.

Use Public Transport – Cities such as Malaga have a great train service, right outside the airport so you can get to the best places when you visit Spain, for a lot less than hiring a car.

Couchsurf – If you’re backpacking Spain and looking for cheap digs, try couchsurfing. You’ll save a load of money and you’re going to meet great local people.

Menu Del Dia – If you travel to Spain, the menu of the day is always a great option for lunch or an early evening meal. We paid €5 each for a meal with drink in the town of Torremolinos.

Destinations In Spain

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