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Looking for a good review you can trust? flights have long been one of the most powerful leaders in the airfare site league.

Due to its simple search feature and excellent UX design, the Kayak travel site is now a popular choice for finding cheap flights online.

But can you trust Kayak reviews out there?

We have to say that we’re regular users of this airfare comparison site and we want to share the full truth about our experiences in this review.

Is flights the best airfare comparison site?

If you have read our recent review about Skyscanner and the low down on, then yes, you’re going to learn that we do tend to use multiple websites to find cheap flights.

Will this review tell you which airfare compare site is the best to use?

The answer is simple – each site has its ups and downs..including Kayak.

Great "Explore" toolNo car rental search like Skyscanner
Easy, user friendly siteNot as many deals available when compared to competitors
Generates low prices for flightsDoesn't search with as many partners as other airfare comparison sites

If you’re great at maps, then Kayak might be the airfare compare site for you.

Learn more about what reviews don’t say about this giant travel site. features review is an airfare comparison site – and it does a pretty splendid job at being a good one.

Top tip – never be mistaken, Kayak travel site is an airfare compare site, you won’t get a full price breakdown until you’ve reached through to the vendor.

However, you can book flights via Kayak flights.

It does all the nitty gritty, so you won’t have to.

What are the benefits of using flights?

Let us be straight, if you want to compare prices for cheap flights and you don’t have much time, using an airfare comparison site  like will save you the time and effort as well as save you some money.

By using Kayak, you’re going to find flights from more a lot of flight vendors. review – top specs

Kayak air travel reviews comment on how well it performs in its search results.

Because of this, the clever lot at this company stand out because of how easy it is to search and to compare flight prices using their website.

This is what we really like about this great flight comparison site. So it’s going in our review.

Who is for?

If you’ve read our previous posts on our magnificent travel blog, you’ll know how much we value user friendly websites.

Kayak certainly more than just does the job when it comes to airfare compare.

And although we will never ever say we are the “experts” at travel, (yes – that word gets mentioned a bit) what we will say is that we feel more than confident using Kayak to find cheap flights and is one of our favourite airfare comparison sites.

Most Kayak air travel reviews will say pretty much the same. Pricing

Whilst you have already read all of the Kayak reviews, no one will actually tell you the truth on how much you will expect to pay for a flight. That is, unless you give it a go for yourself.

We were able to find flights from Manchester to Kefalonia, Greece for £24 each way.

Now that is a cheap deal.

By using Kayak last minute deals, you’re going to find a great deal on flights.

Pros of using

We know that there isn’t one thing that performs perfectly in this world.

However, Kayak’s “Explore” tool comes close.

Kayak reviews – “Explore” tool reviewThe really cool thing we most like about Kayak’s “Explore” tool to find cheap flights, is that it’s easy enough for anyone to use.

For us, if we ever lack that inspiration for our next trip, we find that using this helpful tool saves us so much time and gives us that “why didn’t we think of here” type of surprised reaction.

Do you need help choosing a destination? Are you constantly looking for some amazing travel inspiration? Then use Kayak flights “Explore” tool.

Fantastic Kayak app

A whopping 89% of internet savvy folk, prefer to finding product or service using a hand-held mobile device. The Kayak app offers mobile device users to find those cheap flights with ease and it’s a great USP. review

The Kayak app gives the flight search savvy full power and ultimate control, right from their pocket or handbag.

The thing we love the most about the Kayak app is how alert it is. The clever clogs at this airfare compare site have programmed a system where users can receive live flight alerts. Not only that, but you’ll also be notified if the price for a trip has gone up, or down, so you can stop procrastinating and start booking.

Although the KAYAK app is free to download, there is a paid version (just $1) and allows access to over 100 airport terminal maps as well as the features found in the free app. Great for travellers with kids as you can plan where to go once you’ve reached the airport.

Kayak travel site deals flights is a great tool. But there’s a bonus to using this airfare compare site.

In addition to providing vacation packages, Kayak have done the honours of providing users with a search tool that finds discounted rates on flights, hotels, and rental cars without any specific dates. So if you’re a flexible traveller, using this clever little tool will grab you a bargain. You can search for Kayak last minute deals here.

Again, if you’re stuck for inspiration, using this tool will go a long way.

Travelling with a family? Then search Kayak’s family deals. Or how about a beach holiday? Fancy sitting in the sun with a cocktail in hand? Search the beach deals.

If you take anything away from this review, it’s this – be flexible and you’ll save a lot of money.

Cons of

Remember – “Nothing is ever perfect“. That includes flights.

Have you read any Kayak air travel reviews lately?

Worried you might not get the service you deserve? We will give you the full truth on what customers find to complain about when using flights.

Hotel and flight deals only

We decided to give the holiday packages a whirl for this review.

The first thing we noticed, or didn’t notice, was car rental in this package. We were able to book a hotel and flight together, but if you need a car, look elsewhere.

As we searched other Kayak reviews, we noticed this is a regular problem when using this airfare compare site.

But it’s more of a small inconvenience. The solution to this is simple. Just conduct a separate search for car rental.


Questionable partner companies

As with any travel agent or travel company, you’re going to come across a negative experience.

Once we had dug deep around the web, noticed Kayak’s customers regularly complaining about their nasty hotel experiences. Although Kayak control what happens during a hotel stay, some of the partners they choose to work with have been questionable.

Top tip – we recommend booking with a reputable company travel company. No one wants any nasty surprises.

However, an easy way around this is to be careful which accommodation you choose. Always check reviews on the hotel you are staying at.

Alternative flight booking sites

If comprehensive search results is the most important thing to you – we recommend trying as consumers report how full the search results are.

Another cheap alternative is Which when compared with Kayak and Skyscanner, didn’t have a problem competing to find super cheap flights.

Is Kayak Atol protected?

As holidaymakers continue to use comparison sites to find cheaper deals, we all start wondering what protection we actually have.

So – “Is Kayak travel Atol protected?” is a flight comparison site, therefore, you should always check if you’re covered.

Top tip – always check with the travel company/ vendor if your hotel or flight is covered.

Kayak has recently received reports of purchased flights found on their site, to find that they aren’t actually protected.

That cheap deal may not be as it seems.

So before you get the credit card out, remember to check with the company you book with if they’re Atol protected.

Is Kayak trustworthy

This review comes down to this – Is Kayak trustworthy?

Although consumers have experienced some problems with the partners working with Kayak, we always feel confident using this airfare compare site.

Our review should help you to decide to use Kayak flights.

Final thoughts on Kayak review

For us – we feel confident using Kayak travel site.

It’s one of our go to sites for comparing flights.

We like how visual and easy Kayak is to use.

Kayak’s “Explore” tool is great for finding a cheap flight deal, especially if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Yes, it does lack in some search options (such as a full holiday package with car rental), but the user-friendly aspect more than makes up for that little problem.

Quick round up in this review:

  • Click through to the vendor site to get the full live price.
  • Always refer back to this Kayak review.
  • Make sure you’re fully covered and Atol protected.

What have been your overall experiences using to find cheap flights?We would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below.

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