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Welcome! The Complete Europe Guide

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The Complete Europe Guide

This is your Europe guide.

But first things first – let us introduce ourselves.

Well Hello There!

We are James and Laura.

OK that’s the boring stuff out of the way.

What you should know:

  1. We are 2 frequent travellers searching for the Europe’s best kept secrets.
  2. We believe the hidden places are the best places to visit in Europe.

OK, fast fact about us out of the way.

Travelling is boring and I would rather stay at home” – said nobody ever.

OK, so that’s the gimmicky quote out of the way.

You’ll be surprised to hear that this “welcoming” post won’t be about us telling you how amazing we are or how amazing our adventures are (well maybe that one, just once).

This is about YOU!

We want to show how to find the best places in Europe.

We are right at the beginning of our journey and we want to share our travel tips with the world.

Back to the stuff that matters;

So Why A Europe Guide Travel Blog?

– Why not Thailand, Bolivia, Mongolia or even the whole world?

“58% of the worlds tourists visited Europe” – eurostat statistics

Yes you heard right.

Europe is the most popular travel destination, both with resident and non-resident eu nationals.

“Ah, now I get it?!” – Bravo!

So you’re thinking,

“Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Santorini etc…the popular places. Yes we all know these places, What’s new?”

We all know Europe. And we all know the popular destinations.

And it is pretty obvious why Europe is the most popular tourist destination, food, sun, snow, the sheer diversity of cultures and landscape…ahhhhh we were beginning to day-dream for a moment then…

Why Should I Continue Reading??

The answer is in the reason why we created

What if we were to throw another statistic at you,

87% of Europe is not frequently visited by tourists” – european statistics board

– aha, how do you like that one?!

Suppose you ask Mr Joe Bloggs Regular, where he’ll be travelling to this year.

Chances are he is going to say a typical place you’ve heard of and probably know quite a lot about.

There is however, one obvious downside to this;

They are too often completely jam packed with other tourists desiring to get a a taste of the action.


These are tourist mecca’s.

May – September are usually a complete no-go time to visit. – Stay away!

– But who wants to visit a beach in Greece in December?

europe guide

this is horrible, please tell me there’s a solution!” – yes, yes, it’s not all doom and gloom…

Are You This Person?

After scouring through various travel forums and travel blogs, we soon realised that a lot of people struggle to plan for European travel and to find a Europe guide.

I thought you said there was a solution” – there is, be patient…

We would often find ourselves answering as many questions as possible on various travel forums.

It became a hobby of ours.

Until, we just gave up.

It was exhausting to say the least.

The Solution

So you’ll be glad to hear that here’s that solution

europe guide

The solution is us. (Don’t get too excited)

After years of constant research and visiting different European destinations, we are delving deeper into planning trips to lesser known destinations within Europe.

Cultural and unpopular travel is our passion and experiencing the hidden gems of Europe.

We believe this is the best way to visit and experience what a country has to offer.

Don’t get us wrong, we still love the popular places such as Paris, Santorini etc.

In this Europe guide we are in search of the hidden gems that can be found in places such as these. is all about helping you find those less obvious, idylic “oh i love it there” type of destinations.

“but less obvious, more idyllic destinations are even more expensive.”


Through our many mistakes when travelling, we believe we have found the best way to travel around Europe.

And we LOVE IT!

It doesn’t stop there.

Our Europe guide is just the start of something new.

And we want to share the whole journey with you, right from the beginning.

I just don’t know where to start, the internet is full of too much unclear information” – said a lot of people

To make things easier, here is a list.

Because we all love lists.

5 Questions We Will Answer

1. WHY do I need to visit hidden Europe?

2. WHERE are the best places in Europe to visit?

3. WHEN should I visit?

4. HOW do I plan and budget for my trip?

5. WHAT should I do there?

A word that gets thrown around a lot is passion, but this is our only passion. We love finding and experiencing the unpopular, popular destinations of Europe (if that even makes sense).

“Got To Be A Catch Right?”

This all about YOU.

Like we said, we are sharing all of our travel tips and secrets.

We want people just like you to start experiencing the real gems of Europe.

Through our many frequent travels, your guaranteed to find all of your common worries and the many wrong ideas about European travel debunked.

So follow along and watch our journey through Europe unfold, so that you can start planning your own adventure.

What You’ll Receive

  • Blog posts documenting our travels
  • FREE tips on travel
  • The best way to save money when travelling
  • Information on the best way to plan
  • Inspiration on where to go
  • Access to all of our travel secre
  • Video’s documenting our adventures
  • Full in depth reviews on the best European destinations

Are you up for it?

Are you tired of the same routine?

Are you bored of booking the same holiday, year in year out?

Are you needing help finding the best places in Europe?

If your answer is a resounding YES…

Then joins us on our adventure.

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