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Why Use Airbnb | Seven reasons feel home from home

why use airbnb

Why Use Airbnb?

Why use Airbnb? Airbnb has officially taken over the world of travel (well it has for us). We literally can not stop talking about it. Airbnb has to be our favourite way to visit hidden gems around Europe, you just can not beat it. Unlike forums you may have read, we haven’t had one bad experience. In fact, every time we open the door to our Airbnb accommodation we just have to instantly get the camera out, take a picture and show everyone how good it is. Not to forget how cheap it is too.

But is it worth running away from the comforts of your all inclusive resort? Why use Airbnb?

Find out what the hype is all about as we show you 7 reasons why you should use Airbnb

7 Reasons Why Use Airbnb

1. Live like a local

We love to feel apart of a country. With Airbnb rental, you definitely experience that feeling. The owners help you to get inside knowledge about your destination. Best places to eat is always a must for us and who best to ask than a local. We love to go off the beaten path, and find places that are not littered with tourists. If that’s you, then we say give Airbnb a try.

2. Airbnb is cheap

Airbnb can suit any budget. We personally love having our own space so we always choose “entire place” when booking. This means we have the whole place to ourselves, whether it be a small studio or a large house. Home from home, but way better. All you have to do is take advantage of Airbnb’s price range filter and you can rent a room, space for a tent, or an entire apartment on the shoestring of a backpackers budget. On one particular occasion, we stayed in a beautiful apartment in Wroclaw, Poland for just £12 for 2 nights! How amazing is that? We could not believe it either. this was because we took advantage of the Airbnb coupon and recommended a friend (More about that later). Anyone can feel like luxury travellers with Airbnb.

3. Airbnb is safe

Is Airbnb safe? Yes. Should I use Airbnb? Yes, yes. But why use Airbnb over a hotel? Although it may feel like it’s just you and the host, the helpful guys at Airbnb have made sure your stay is as safe and secure as it can be. Here’s how they look after their guests:

  • Verified ID Guests, as well as hosts, are obligated to verify themselves before using the service.
  • Verified Photographs – Images of your accommodation are verified by an Airbnb photographer.
  • 24/7 Support Services – Just in case you need them, Airbnb are there to help, 24/7!
  • Real Reviews – This is the first thing we check. Reviews are real and honest.
  • Secure Payments – Payments are taken through Airbnb’s online payment system. And the host isn’t paid until 24 hours after you’ve arrived. So they have to impress.
  • Messages – Need to get in touch with your host? Instant messaging allows you to contact your host at any time.

So is Airbnb safe? Yes. Extremely.

4. Individual

why use airbnb

A recent stay in Wroclaw, Poland

No two Airbnb stays are the same. We’ve really noticed how unique each stay has been. Unlike hotel stays, which can often be predictable and lacking personality, Airbnb accommodation offer guest a totally different living experience. Stay in a lighthouse, a treehouse, a caravan, an old warehouse, a mansion, you name it.

5. FREE £30 Airbnb credit ($35)

Oh, we forgot to tell you. Because you were so kind to read this article, we’ve decided to give you £30 FREE Airbnb credit. How kind. Simply refer a friend and you get £15 in credits and your friend gets £30 ($35). How amazing is that. If you play your cards right, you can stay Airbnb for FREE. Looking for reasons to use Airbnb? I think the words FREE travel credit did it for us.

6. Feel at home

Most Airbnb digs come complete with a fully working kitchen, comfortable settee, beautiful and unique decor and best of all, a clean comfortable bed. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a 5 star all inclusive resort, but it just isn’t home. Airbnb stays always feel like home from home.

7. Airbnb is cheaper

Travelling in a group? Take complete advantage of Airbnb’s pricing filters. Live like kings and queens without paying for it. We recently stayed in Berchtesgaden, German Alps (expensive town) for a shoe string price of £20 each a night. But we’ve managed to find deals for as little as £5 a night. So the more that travel with you, the cheaper it is.

How does Airbnb Work Keys?

Ah. The big “How does Airbnb work keys?” Simple. You will always have contact with your host and this can be arranged. A small tip – read through reviews and find out how other travellers have collected the keys for their Airbnb property.

We have never had a problem and usually consists of meeting the host at the property. Don’t forget, it’s usually a form of income for the host, so they’re relying on their own outstanding service. In other words, you’ll often receive a better service than a hotel.

Why use Airbnb? Because it’s awesome!


why use airbnb


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