Summary of “Disco Danny”

Disco Danny, a slot machine created by NetEnt, with a pulsating nightclub atmosphere. Although the game’s idea and visuals of Danny bopping to a beat are interesting, the rest of the game is uninspired.

For some reason, a game that was originally called “Disco Monkey” during development was renamed “Disco Danny” before release. Beyond that… Super Striker, a football-themed slot machine by NetEnt, is the inspiration for Disco Danny. The only difference is the setting, and the optional Bet Slip feature is not there. We can still put on our roller skates and get down since everything else is the same.

While the gameplay may have been stagnant since Super Striker, at least the visuals have evolved. Despite its apparent minimalism, Disco Danny’s style makes a bolder, more colorful statement. There is no way to guess the music from just looking at screenshots. A disco beat, you guessed it. Disco Danny’s music has hints of house, but it heavily influences the 1970s and is better for it.

The betting range for Boogieing is 10 p/c up to $/€250, and the playing field is a 3×3 grid with 5 paylines. Only three-of-a-kind combinations are available, making this a very simple version of the conventional fruit machine. The mathematical formula is essentially the same as Super Striker, implying a high RTP of 96.04% and a similarly high degree of volatility. When we last looked at Super Striker, we didn’t have access to the game’s hit rate, but now we do. With a success rate of only 14.01%, you can count on long stretches of nothing happening while you wait. Although the bonus appears on average once per 250 spins, we had to play more than 900 of them before it finally appeared.

Payouts are awarded for matching symbols such as single bars, double bars, triple bars, sevens, roller skates, Disco Danny in black sunglasses, and Elvis Presley Danny. One thing to remember about symbols is that the lowest payout on the paytable is for mixed combos of any bar symbols, which is 0.6x. Disco King, on the other hand, is worth 100x the stake for a line and 500x for a complete screen. Since wild symbols cannot complete winning combinations now, scatters are still the key to winning the game.

Disco Danny: The Fancy Stuff

While there is no Bet Slip option, the game still has two scatter symbols and awards free spins. Without a disco ball bouncing in the middle and spreading light in all directions, the celebration just isn’t complete.

There are two kinds of scatters in Disco Danny, a silver disco ball and a golden disco ball, so he’s covered either way. When the golden disco ball appears on the reels, it triggers a random cash payout. These extras can pop up at any time and completely change the dynamic of the game.

Free games are unlocked with the help of golden balls. If a golden ball lands with two silver balls, or if three silver balls land independently, the player is given one additional spin. Three free spins kick off the feature, during which only golden balls can emerge. Each golden ball that drops awards a multiplier between 1x and 50x and returns the number of spins to 3. The bonus round will end after three spins if no disco balls show up.

The number of free spins you get during the bonus round can be multiplied by 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 times. The total value of the golden balls on the screen is multiplied by the level multiplier if the screen fills up with them. The game continues on to the subsequent level. If you can get a roll with the feature, you can rack up some impressive sums.

Judgment on Disco Danny

Is Disco Danny a fun 70’s funk on the slots? Well, sort of. The setting is satisfactory, but the visuals are basic for a slot machine developed by NetEnt. A spot-on soundtrack and a logo designed in a Sesame Street-style font are mostly responsible for establishing the mood.

Disco Danny could be satisfying if you’re in the mood for some simple 33 gameplay. Otherwise, some people could find it too elementary. Like the football version, the game can go from nothing to something thanks to an elusive extra game. A lot of prodding is required, but with so many multipliers available, free spins can add up. However, during NetEnt’s simulation of 395 billion spins, the largest win seen was between 1,333x and 3,333x. Disco Danny isn’t as good as Saturday Night Fever, but it has its moments.

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